Grab hire and skip hire are the two primary options for waste removal. While both serve the same purpose, they have functional differences. Both options are available when it comes to disposing of large quantities of bulk garbage. Know the difference first if you plan to contact Grab Hire in Leeds. This will help you make a wise choice.

What is a grab-hire service?

Grab hire lorries have an additional hydraulic arm attached to them, which helps to pick up and remove waste from the property. This is an easy option, especially for handling bulky waste. However, you’ll need grab-hire services, especially for removing waste from construction sites.

What is a skip hire?

Skip-hire services involve using an enormous container generally placed on the site. Waste is collected in the container. Once the skip bin becomes full, the waste is removed for disposal. However, a skip bin is helpful if it is used to handle commercial and residential waste.

Critical differences between skip hire and grab hire services


You can reach challenging, inaccessible areas and remove waste with a grab hire. On the other hand, a skip bin is stationed in a corner of the property. With skip bins, reaching narrow lanes and inaccessible regions and locations is impossible.

Speed of waste collection

Grab hire is a quicker option than skip hire. Since a hydraulic arm is present in the grab hire, a bulk amount of waste can be collected within a short span of time. On the other hand, the skip-hire process is slower.

Noise and disruption

A grab lorry entering the premises for waste collection creates a lot of noise and disruption. Hence, there are other options for residential waste collection. On the other hand, a skip bin is a convenient option because different-sized skip bins are available. It does not cause noise and is a preferred option for removing domestic waste.

Cost of waste disposal

The cost of a grab-hire lorry is higher than that of a skip-hire service. Hence, it is not reasonable to opt for grab hire if your project is small. Grab hire is essential for bulky and large amounts of waste. On the other hand, skip bins are cost-effective, and you’ll be charged based on the size of the skip bin and not on the weight of the waste deposited in it.

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